3 Steps To Getting Back On Your Feet


3 Steps To Getting Back On Your Feet

By T. Denise Manning

Life has its own way of trying to kick us down or a way of reminding us that our journey won’t be as easy as we may have thought it would’ve been. In times like these its best to remember just who you are and what your purpose truly is in life. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working a nine to five job to pay the bills, just getting by and not being totally happy with your situation or circumstances. If you’re in that type of position its time you start reflecting on your goals and the reason you set them in the first place. What was pulling at your spirit a long time ago? What was it that you wanted to be when you grew up? You have to revisit those desires and get motivated again! Did you want to be a social worker? Did you want to lose weight? Maybe you wanted to patch up a relationship or go back to school? Whatever the case, it’s time to revisit your goals, get motivated and set realistic actions steps and timelines. Has life kicked you down!? It’s time to get back up!! But HOW do you get back up when it seems that life gave you a swift upper cut? Easy- with three simple steps.

1.  Create a to-do list. What have you been putting off? What would benefit you if you buckled down? Kill the spirit of procrastination and set your mind on accomplishing your goals once and for all!

2.  Imagine.  Remember when you use to play house as a child? Or play with your transformers or Barbie dolls? How about pretending and playing make-believe? WE HAVE TO DO THE SAME THING AS AN ADULT! Visualize yourself accomplishing, obtaining or reaching your goals. If you actually visualize your goal, it will eventually manifest itself in your life.  Create a vision board, gather up all your old magazines, a poster board, some markers and glue and find every image you can that best represents your vision for your life and your future and create your own personal vision board.

3.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Have your circle of cheerleaders or I like to call them my personal board of directors. Being around others that genuinely supports you and your goals are vital to your success. Sharing your progress and excitement are ways you can stay on track and prevent discouragement.

Imagine your potential by concentrating on the good things you have going on, the good people and relationships you have in your life. Take action NOW! Imagine your potential and go after what you desire

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