“America has a history of being courageous, conquerors and brave. However, there are issues in its backyard that has either been ignored or over looked; that is the issue of the convicted felon. There are barriers that prohibit felons from obtaining employment, gaining occupational licensing and even voting. I learned in life that every situation or circumstance has a root. The convicted felon issue has roots that has been seeded throughout American history. I use my personal story growing up in Southside Jamaica Queens; then I give an essay of how I perceive these circumstances came about. Lastly, I turn to the laws of America. I attempt to show how the laws in America worked for the African American.
In a nutshell, I attempt to show how American society has systematically created what we know as “”The Felon”””

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  1. I ulysee want to help my people but I live in a white town where people of color are afraid I will not stop fighting for kids I’m not scared my family members who was in the. black panther now it’s my time I am houses Robinson jr. 239 maple street Sidney Ohio please show me the way

  2. I want to pay for membership dues and buy flag’s and posters to help. I don’t have Facebook but I did make Gmail account!

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