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There is an overwhelming amount of convicted felons in America. Some statistics estimate that there are over 6 million people on probation or parole and at least 8 million convicted for felony crimes. Many of these people cannot vote in different states or have to wait a few more years to be able to vote; convicted felons cannot get a job in certain areas of employment, but yet qualify for the position over those who don’t have a felon conviction; convicted felons cannot possess a firearm to protect themselves even long after serving the sentence they’ve been convicted of. This form of discrimination has been turned down in several court cases regarding expungement. It almost seems like there is no help or solution to combat the issue for collateral consequences. New laws are allowing expungment for certain felonies to be expunged if you met the requirement. We have done a lot of research and was able to find a loophole that will give all felons that have been in society for a few years relief through a full pardon. This process can take some time and is not a guaranteed that you will be granted that motion. We will make every effort available to get it done. Check out our Restoration Series.

So if you are tired of having to explain yourself because of your past or have to convince people you have changed your ways and is looking for an opportunity to gain meaningful employment, we can help! Our aim here is to buy land, property and businesses for sale so we can create jobs in the community for ex-felons without the hassle of answering that dreadful question.

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  1. I ulysee want to help my people but I live in a white town where people of color are afraid I will not stop fighting for kids I’m not scared my family members who was in the. black panther now it’s my time I am houses Robinson jr. 239 maple street Sidney Ohio please show me the way

  2. I want to pay for membership dues and buy flag’s and posters to help. I don’t have Facebook but I did make Gmail account!

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